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the most beautiful face chart I’ve ever seen
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it was drag inspired :)
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Crap quality but this is something I did out of boredom the other night.
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I’m sure most of you have forgotten about me. I love this blog so much but I’ve been without internet for months so that is why I haven’t posted anything in forever :( I really miss it. I don’t know when I’m getting my internet back on so who knows when I’ll be able to bring this blog back from the dead. I’m posting this through my phone. It really isn’t possible to be able to post the stuff I want to through my phone. I am on twitter and I do post FOTD pictures every now and then. And I do have a personal tumblr if you’re interested. Hope all is well with everyone! I hope I can be back soon :) Twitter : @AccioCas Tumblr : mycruciatuscurse.tumblr.com


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these look absolutely gorgeous, even in the pan!
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Opaque  by  andbamnan